Is the Harvest Ripe?

Why is it we see that people are coming to repentance in the Bible, but we don’t see that happening in our world today? They preached to a different group of people, to a harvest that was ripe, but it looks like we don’t have that ripe harvest. I choose to believe that the Harvest is truly ripe, but perhaps well-meaning evangelistic types have told people that they are saved when they have yet to repent, never having experienced grace’s freedom from sin. Back in the New Testament Church they had Judaism and the law, just as we have Christianity and the sinner’s prayer*. So what really is the difference in the harvest today, and must we complain?

Will we preach the uncompromised gospel to the ends of the Earth to the ends of ourselves without apology? Will we cast out demons without hesitation, and will we persist as we grow in proficiency? Will we make disciples who do the same? What are we willing to give up, and what are we not willing to give up for the sake of the Gospel, for the sake of freedom from sin?

Will we keep our Focus on the King of Kings and the Lord of lords from the beginning of our day to the end? What will it take to keep us from falling to the world’s thought patterns?

*See more on the “Sinner’s Prayer” idea here: