Righteousness, Peace with God, and Love

We need to present a clear difference between Pharisaical rules and Godliness. God’s holiness was the fire by night and cloud by day in the wilderness, the acceptance of Jesus to the tax collectors and prostitutes, but the whip of cords to the money changers in the temple and the harsh words to the pharisees. 

We are raising up a standard for all to look to, but if we present a gospel that starts with works it is nothing different from anyone else’s false gospel. We must have something setting us apart from the cults, not just doctrinal difference; we need some thing or things that are inherently and obviously different, and I see the primary two things of differentiation being the LOVE and the POWER of MIRACLES to prove the word which we speak. We could also add the biblical discipleship model, though that isn’t going to likely be initially visible, but the model’s basis is in love demonstrated.

(These are my thoughts on a specific matter, posted for consideration and input. These things are why I appreciate the TLR format to such a degree.)